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Android被发现短信Bug 随机发送给联系人_安卓游戏_游戏资讯_玩家

iPhone 4的天线门曾让苹果焦头烂额,Android今天也出了令人哭笑不得的问题,这次问题来自于短信功能。


Jun 28, 2010:

Device: Nexus One. One day old. Updated to 2.2 FRF50

Default Android Messaging Application.

No apps installed.


- Send SMS message to RecipientA.

- Message appears to be successfully sent to RecipientA.

- RecipientX receives message.

- View Message Details in RecipientA thread, shows To field as being RecipientXs MSISDN (phone number).

Has occurred multiple times on this device now.

Interestingly, has never occured on my other Nexus running the same FRF50 build.

Jul 09, 2010:

This just occurred again on FRF91. Suck.

SMS was sent to recipient who there had been no contact with and no threads in messaging.

Sep 13, 2010:

This issue is way more widespread than what is respresented here, please review the comments at this page, where users are very detailed in reporting the issues they are experiencing.

My personal experiences:

Text being sent to unintended recipient, when responding to an existing conversation(text). Unintended recipient is NOT someone I have ever sent a text to previously. The 2 contacts in question do not have any similarities in the digits of their numbers, other than the area code.

I have 763 messages in my inbox, 782 in the outbox

Galaxy S 2.1-update 1

Sep 15, 2010:

Cross posting with my post from the Google Help Forums:

My steps to replicate are as below.

Seems to be pretty consistent that the message sent in step 09 will go to a random contact; in my limited testing, it usually goes to the number involved at steps 05 and 06.

01) Stop Messaging App.

02) Clear Messaging App data

03) Access messaging app, send messages.

04) Establish messages were sent to correct addresses.

05) Send message to a number not in your contacts.

06) Reply from the number not in your contacts (I havent established if this is a required step yet)

07) Read reply, dont delete thread.

08) Send SMS to your device, from another device that is in your contacts.

09) Reply to SMS.

10) Check message details of your sent message.

11) Repeat steps a couple of times.

A factor in this, is I think it might only be short numbers that cause this issue.

Im using my banks automated SMS service (880).

This would explain why it happens when people have facebook/twitter SMS notifications enabled.

Ill debug it all properly on the weekend when I have some time.

Oct 05, 2010:

This issue is listed as Priority-Medium, I think this is totally wrong. For a phone send messages to the wrong person may be very harmful to the user as a human. This just means the phone cannot be trusted anymore. How to bump up the priority?

Oct 05, 2010:

I have experienced this problem a few times. And I do not have facebook or twitter on my phone either. Its actually a relatively new phone (Samsung Vibrant). To list this issue as medium is a gross understatement. This is much worse than iphones drop call problem. And there is no pattern in picking the wrong recipient. I actually think its an OS lag issue. Last time it happened I caught it before it sent the SMS (because in my SMS window I saw the w